Lecture series on - Sustainability of Indian Energy Sector: Prospects and Challenges

Program on 18.01.2013
Inaugural Program: Banner
Concept Note Sustainability of Indian Energy Sector (Lecture Series)
Inaugural Program
A few images of the inaugural program
Presentation slides of Mr. I.A. Khan Adviser (Power) Planning Commission, Govt. of India
Energy Technologies for Sustainable Future: India Centric Energy Technologies
Program on 22.03.2013
Photo of the Seminar
Program on 18.07.2013
Abstract of D K Adhikari
CV of DK Adhikari
Abstract of Prof. Anjan Ray
CV of Professor Anjan Ray
Presentation Anjan Ray
Presentation D. K. Adhikari
Pictures of Program of - 18.07.2013
Program on 26.07.2013
Challenges of Indian coal sector
Mr P.S. Bhattacharyya Brief Profile
CV of Thomas Mathew
Presentation outline of Mr Thomas Mathew
Presentation by Mr. Thomas Mathew
Pictures of Program of - 26.07.2013
Program on 22.08.2013
BIO DATA - Dr. Baldev Raj
Presentation By Dr. Baldev Raj
Pictures of Program of - 22.08.2013
Program on 28.10.2013
Brief Profile Dr. Bibek Bandyopadhyay
Presentation by Dr. Bibek Bandyopadhyay
Program on 21.03.2014
Brief Profile of Mr. Aloke Mookherjea
Brief Profile Prof. Pradip Dutta
Brief Profile Prof. Santanu Bandyopadhyay