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Availability of clean and sustainable energy is of fundamental importance in all applications of energy, power, mobility and propulsion. This workshop will bring together renowned experts from around the globe to share the latest fundamental and applied research innovations on clean energy utilization for a wide range of devices extending from micro scale energy conversion to hypersonic propulsion using fossil and biofuels. The specific applications will include the research areas of: hypersonic propulsion, combustion of fossil and biofuels, clean energy and power for various stationary applications, gas turbines, IC engines and transport applications, biofuels and value added products, thermal management, emission control and environmental issues from energy conversion. It is envisaged that the world renowned scientists and engineers will share their latest research and development activities in the above areas for clean and efficient energy use with due considerations to energy sustainability. A round-table discussion will also be held to identify key areas of common interest and to develop a strategy to promote collaborative research on those focussed areas. The international collaborations will help identify key novel technologies that show promise for viable options for improved, efficient and sustainable utilization of fossil fuels and biofuels during energy conversion for power and propulsion applications.

Through international partnership the workshop will bring together experts in selected fields spanning from fuels, biofuels, their cleaner utilization in current and future platforms of power, mobility and propulsion. It will bring the awareness to young scientists so that they know the topics of significant importance to work on in their professional careers. The workshop will also bring networking opportunities in common areas of interest.

The planned workshop will have several tailored technical tracks with presentations form world renowned technical experts in the field on current and future activities. Some of the planned activities include dedicated sessions on Biofuels and value added products, Cleaner chemical to thermal energy conversion, Advanced combustion technologies (including micro combustion, low temperature combustion and distributed combustion, ultra-lean combustion, partially premixed combustion), Internal combustion engines and conventional fuels, Combustion of renewable fuels, New engine technologies, Spray combustion, Solid fuel combustion and gasification, Fuel reforming, Supersonic combustion, Detonation, Hypersonics, Combustion instability and control, Thermal management, and Combustion diagnostics. The energy use, fuel flexibility, high efficiency and performance continue to remain of pinnacle importance to all sectors of energy and transport use. Although significant advances have been achieved in all these fields in recent times, sustainability is still a major issue both due to dwindling fossil fuel reserves and harmful effects of combustion generated pollutants on the environment and the subsequent greenhouse gases effects. Since hydrocarbons fuel use is expected to be the major source of energy in all sectors of power, transportation and propulsion for the foreseeable future, focussed research and development efforts are needed to develop and deploy energy conversion technologies. The energy and environment sustainability would require a multi-pronged approach involving development and utilization of new and renewable fuels, design of fuel-flexible combustion systems that can be easily operated with the new fuels, and develop novel and environmentally friendly technologies for improved utilization of fuels.

The Indian Society for Energy, Environment and Sustainability (ISEES) provides a platform for such scientific exchange of information amongst scientists from the international scientific community worldwide. A three-day workshop, will be held at Jadavpur University, Calcutta, Indiathat will attract researchers and engineers from academia, industries and research organizationsfrom worldwide location to discuss major technological advances for sustainable in power, energy, transport and propulsion developments for diverse applications. Special focus will be on high speed propulsion, micro-scale power generation and novel combustion concepts using fossil fuels, biofuels and their mixtures. Of great importance is the production of value added products from bio-resources. Assessment of recent developments will reveal fundamental pathways and opportunities for future international collaborations.